Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to increase Speed Of Internet.....

                To increse Your internet you need a Good software which help in your downloading 
Their are Three of them who used by number of people

             As you heard Clean marketing technique used by most ISP or not see here.  If you really want to Get good speed you have to Download One of three download managers. They are really nice in terms of speed but I personally recommended you to Use DAP(Download accelator Plus) . You download Free version of DAP without any tension as it also give full speed for your download without crashing plugin in browser. You can download without problem even if your browser crashes while downloading your download still running .If you Downloaded or downloading any video using DAP you can get headache.

             The IDM is not free hence I not recommended to use but it's much more better than the DAP or FDM. It,s fast and much more better to Download Videos of YouTube or anywhere within same page as compared to DAP which hrd to recognized which video downloading from same page if their are numbers of videos are playing on same page. Off you want use IDM you can use used it as it is trial for 30 Days for first Time.

             Free download manager is open-source software released under GNU(General Public License) GPL. FDM give feature to Download Torrent/BitTorrent files using BitTorrent protocol.
Which is Unavailable in IDM or DAP.

          Go best what you like and comment which is your download manager.

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