Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How consumer get cheated by ISP(internet service providers)?

                  Their many internet service provide not only in computer releted internet also in mobile,3G,net setter etc. They promise us to give Upto 512Kbps, 1Mbps, 2Mbps but in actually we only get upto 70KB, 128KB , 256KB Speed. The reason behind is they cheated in Terms of bit and Byte
                    here  i will tell what is bit and byte                    
1bit  =  0 or 1(as binary language) 
                             8bit = 1Byte                            
            When they releases new plan even sale their older plan in bit speed not a Byte.In their every plan  Upto 512Kbps, 1Mbps, 2Mbps. Their is small b states that download is in bit and not Byte. This is marketing plan used by most ISP. If we see on computer which actually uses Byte and show download upload in always Capital B .Ihis we get divide by eight of speed in our Computer, Laptop, smartphone or Java phone. In our computer Show the speed after diving by 8 as 64KBps for 512Kbps plan. People hurry and call ISP and ask for reason they might give same reason and ask reason for for that much Low. Some times Even Call taker from consumer also Don't know the above marketing technique of their company they say sorry to customer and tell the lie to we increase your speed (As their work is to tell lie to consumer and settel down clam).
          Their is high upgrade in marketing to cheat consumer.The funnier thing is I getting  256KBps speed on  my by 512Kbps speed. This means i get upto 2Mbps on my MTNL triband service that really funny. I also think this is low but my friends stuck on poor speed with other plans. they tell me this marketing technique as i my not good in marketing . for my plans user get good speed until april of 2011 letter we all suck on the poor speed that is 64KBps. I miss that speed.
          I use MTNL beacause other provider really suck while giving speed in india they uses password ans username technique for using internet on PC but sucks due slower activation , wrong password or username. They give bill on time but not speed and connection. they cut connection when we not pay bill regular or even cut when we pay on regular Basis.
so what will speed got on your plans in this marketing technique -

256 kbps                  = 32 KBps

512 kbps                  = 64 KBps

1024 kbps(1 Mbps)  = 128 KBps

2048 kbps(2 Mbps)  = 256 KBps

4096 kbps(4 Mbps)  = 512 KBps                  
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