Friday, April 12, 2013

How Integrated graphics Works?

                    Intel And AMD are two well known companies for producing large number Desktop,Laptop, Server, Mobile etc. CPU's . Their many computer, Laptop's are sold or asembled without Graphics card installation. This computer uses integrated graphics and Run's pretty smooth in terms of performance not even in video playing but also some thing such photoshop, coral draw, video editing, some lower graphics gaming.

                   As we heard the terms graphic card (discrete graphic card) has a graphics processor. We also heard about 256MB,512MB,1GB,2GB graphic card memory also GDDR3 or GDDR5 memory from somewhere on internet, from friend, neighbors, seller etc. Yo may know that graphics processor is thing that process the graphical data from your computer. graphics processor are number cores running at same time and converting data into visuals. Higher Graphic cores process higher amount of data at same time. clock speed of graphic also matter in terms of performance higher clock gives boost in graphic processing. The GDDR3 or GDDR5 memory does same as our system memory does to load data from Hard drive and give as much as fast to process the data. High amount graphics memory help to process huge amount of Data in give better performance at higher resolutions and also low amount of memory give you to process lower data and gives good performance at a lower resolutions.

The memory's clock speed tells him that is GDDR3 or GDDR5 memory. The increse in number at the GDDR tells higher clock speed performance i.e, memory taken for processing given must more faster to the graphics core.

                  In graphics card memory at graphics core(graphic processor) and graphics memory are on same place i.e, bundle in on graphic card. when we see the Integrated graphics card it have also same but not at same place. The graphic core is same like Main processor its heat's when it process so makers put the graphic cores inside of Main process since both(Main processor and graphic processor) heated when computer running and processing data, they can cooled by a single heatsink on top processor cool down them both. It hard to put even 64MB in processor due to lack processor space they decided to use the system ram to used as Graphics memory in this process. So in this process system memory work for both the graphics core and system processing. The main work of system memory is to give data to processor so the memory Shared or allocated for graphic core is pretty less. The shared or allocated memory is depent on motherboard cheapest, processor family(Intel or Amd)  the amount of system memory, architecture, Driver version, type of memory(DDR,DDR2,DDR3).

                In older Windows XP Dosent Required  higher graphics memory for aero effect or other OS graphics extensive work Hence its allocates About 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB. In Windows Vista, Windows 7 memory allocated From 128Mb to 4GB Due newer technology higher memory required application. The allocation memory changed in the bios of the motherboard.

Good Things of Using Integrated Graphics:- 

  1. Saves Power supply for External Graphic card Up to 60 to 100 watts.
  2. No Money Required For External graphic card.
  3. No need to buy higher watts costly power supply.
  4. cooler Cabinet.
  5. Best For Laptop, Net book, palmtop and other mobile devices.

Bad Things of Using Integrated Graphics:- 

  1. Poor Performance in Gaming.
  2.  Poor performance high graphic aplications such as autocad, video editing, Game development kits.
  3. Lower graphics memory.
  4. Slow Graphics Memory(DDR2, DDR3
  5.  Lower Main system memory Due share of memory for graphics use.
  6.  Less graphic cores makes overall poor performance in windows experience.
          The Intel's integrated graphics are poor in as compared to Amd's APU series integrated graphics. The integrated Graphics gives good performance in laptop by making laptop work more hours on integrated graphics than discrete graphics.

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