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Sunday, April 28, 2013

How to Make longer life of Battery life of Android Phone

  • Display brightness-
           If your android does not have Ambient light sensor your display does not automatically change it's brightness. So high brightness causes loss of high battery charge even on night when the we can see clearly on low brightness. Make always sure that display brightness is very low for better battery saving.

  • Sleep time-
           The sleep time is time when phone's display auto off or you maky say Display lock time. Reduce Sleep time to Minimum 5.Sec to get better battery by turning off display quickly.

  • Wallpaper-
          Use black and Dark wallpapers instead light and White wallpaper which help you to save a battery. This will help you save your battery from 1% to 5% and depend upon wallpaper. Use dark theme also to better battery reliability.

  • Widget-
         Remove widget that are not used such as Weather widget, Facebook widget, Help,photo gallery,
photos,play Store, recommender, timescape friends, top contacts etc. due to Widget you lost about 20% of battery. so turn of display.

  • Internet and Sync-
        Using WiFi, 3G , 2G , GPS , HotSpot(Share internet with Others) causes Drain of battery turn of this when not in Use 3G ans wifi drains more battery than 2G so use always 2G network instead of 3G and Wifi. turn of Auto-Sync or keep long time instead of short for Sync.

  • Turn off auto Update of system and apps-
         Auto update are run in background without our notice and do app update or your mobile system up to date. But due running in background they eat up battery on slow speed by running for longer Time for Update.
  • Bluetooth-
       Turn of Bluetooth after sharing file or receiving the file make sure your Bluetooth it not consuming battery too much.

  • Live wallpapers-
        live wallpapers look really nice on phone display but the fact they consume battery and ram both at high amount .

  • Kill tasks-
        To save battery you have stop unwanted running in the background use Advanced Task Manager - Killer do some tricks and tips that will help to kill the apps while sleeping.

 download here

Some more tips-

  1. Go into setting>Battery and checkout which app causing you to drain your more battery.
  2. Switch off and Power on causes battery drain faster.
  3. Make sure your battery life is good
  4. charge battery only when it goes below 20% and charge full above 90% continuous little little charging causes poor battery life and drains faster
  5. In night if you dont want to use network or internet disable WiFi, 3G , 2G , GPS , HotSpot etc.
  6. If you don't attending calls at night or not even call other disable Sim which make no network for your sim and help to prevent battery from draining usingg network
  7. If you are in meeting or school or collage switch off phone instead of keeping phone silent mode.
  8. Dont use  anti virus, ram booster apps, battery apps,Memory card Booster They are not give you good performance but drains more battery.

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