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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Create portable ubuntu drive


             Due to hard disk crash can't able use over PC but when this situation comes to me i am still uses my desktop and its internet without present of my hard disk by simply using Ubuntu and my 8GB sandisk cruzer pendrive.
             what happens really my hard disk crashed and not working so i give for replace. At jan 2012 their is high shortage in hard drive. So i have got my replaced after a month for this reason. So i like to use internet and social networking and watching videos but no hard disk i cant run os on my computer. So i have Got an idea to run Ubuntu on my Sandisk cruzer. I just put the ubuntu installation disk install Ubuntu on my pendrive reboot system after installation remove installation Disk go into bios and keep boot priority on pendrive and Wola.........! my ubuntu login comes in my front i login and run ubuntu for month without any problem on my computer. I have good cpu with intel core2 duo 2.0Ghz(old but ok). 1GB ram and Asus mobo which is compatible to boot from pendrive, extrnal drive, Usb Drives, Cd drives And hard disks.This pen drive ubuntu runs on my friends PC i just keeps his priority on boot from hard disk to pendrive on his pc also its run then what i do i copied one video on my pendrive space from his hard disk (Even from booting pendrive i able access his data). I also able to use my pendrive as pendrive to and portable ubuntu OS that really nice.Go anywhere ubuntu is with you. Same things i do with even laptop also get suprt nice.

          Tf you Wanted To create this you have required Pendrive at least 8GB or more also motherboard which able to boot from USB disk drive or Pendrive. and also a Good Usb Port to connect pendrive loose USB slot may damages pedrive also crashed Ubuntu while running.

         It is better if you disconnect hard disk by removing sata or pata cable connected to Hard disk
 I will show you how create bootable ubuntu CD here
After making CD  Insert or leave the CD in your CD/DVD-ROM device, and reboot the computer in order to boot from the CD. Hit the F8 or F12 key (depending on your BIOS) to select the CD/DVD-ROM as the boot device.( i use Ubuntu 8.04 version you will version which you like )

1.Select Your language for seeing installation language

2. Select the second option "Install Ubuntu," and hit the “Enter” key
 3.Wait to load Ubuntu from CD it shows welcome screen after booting..........
When the installer appears, you are able to select your native language for the installation process. Click the “Forward” button to continue...

4. Choose your country and click forward.........
5. select your keyboard layout by by typing ubuntu automatically detects your keyboard language
Click the “Forward” button when you have finished with the keyboard configuration...
 6. After doing that it will show your drives connected(Hard disk, pen drives, USB hdd )make sure you disconnected hard disk or make perfect selection of your pendrive(If you wrongly selected hard disk it will formated make sure you are selected pendrive)

7. create your profile by typing name, Login name,Password, Give Compute name as Portable Computer.
8.Make Sure You select pendrive to install boot loder
click on advance and choose your pendrive for device boot loader installation 
and click ok.
9.Now Ubuntu start to Install..................wait until it says "installation completed".
10. After Clicking on restart will eject installation disk from CD rom then its ask to remove the disk. after removing disk press enter and while restarting quick tab on bios keys of motherboard and change priority to Usb Drive or Pendrive Or something like that from Boot from cd.make sure you save settings of bios.
It's almost done Pc will Starting to boot From Pendrive.
11. when you See login Window just type Username and Press Enter And Then Type Password.You Got Ubuntu Running from pendrive to your Pc.
12.When You Login You will See the Above Image....

if you want use in another pc just shutdown your ubuntu 
take  out the pendrive with ubuntu on it install 
connect it to another persons laptop or Desktop and turn his/her pc/laptop
go into his bios and set priority to  Usb Drive or Pendrive Or something like that and save Bios Settings and Done.